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Seven Nature offers private label companies complete formulation, manufacturing and packaging services under one roof.

Our All-in-One Services allows for tighter control over the manufacturing process, giving you the advantage of Superior Quality and Faster Delivery!

Raw Material Sourcing Hard-Shell & Vegetarian Capsules
Powdered Mixes & Custom Formulations Bottling, Labeling & Packaging
Flexible Production & Certificates Application

  • Raw Material Sourcing
  • Hard-Shell & Vegetarian Capsules
  • Custom Formulations
  • Bottling, Labeling & Packaging
  • Flexible Production & Certificates Application

Raw Material Sourcing

Let's face it, unless you're a high volume buyer of raw materials, you are unlikely to receive bulk discounts from the industry's leading suppliers. Our purchasing team works closely with our formulation experts to source, analyze, and approve raw materials for use in our products. Each ingredient is subjected to a comprehensive battery of tests to verify its Certificate of Analysis before it can be approved for use in our formulations. This certification program builds long-term trust with our vendors by guaranteeing consistently high quality raw material suppliers ensure competitive prices for a wide variety of quality ingredients to meet a complete range of product formulations.



Seven Nature efficient manufacturing process is based on unrivaled experience and know-how. We deliver industry-leading capsulation quality. From specialty formulation to custom colors, Seven Nature CAPSULES provide the consistent edge that you envision for your product. To accommodate our vegetarian conscious customers we also offer vegetarian capsules. Our shells are 100% vegetarian and our formulators will work with you to have a 100% vegetarian capsule, and this product is as effective as gelatin-based capsules.


Powdered Mixes & Custom Formulations

Seven Nature is an expert in a number of specialty ingredients. What this means is that there is a comprehensive understanding of how certain raw materials should be handled during production process. This ensures the viability and potency of sensitive products. Do you already have a great formula, but need help producing it in the quantity and consistency that you require? Seven Nature has over 20 years of experience in contract manufacturing and can meet all of your manufacturing requirements.


Bottling, Labeling & Packaging

Once the encapsulation process is completed, finished products are assigned to a packaging line. This capability substantially eliminates the need for outside packaging services. Capabilities include bottles, powdered blends and encapsulation. Our ability to offer in-house packaging helps to reduce bottom line production costs while improving inventory management and quality control. Product components are checked for lot identification and quality, strictly adhering to specifications both prior to and during the packaging process. Tamper-evident safety seals are applied to ensure the integrity of the product.


Flexible Production & Certificates Application

Seven Nature offers flexible packaging and multiple options in order to meet your product specifications. Packers, canisters, full body sleeves or pressure sensitive labeling – Seven Nature can meet all of your product needs. After packaging is completed, the finished product is palleted, labeled and prepared for shipment. Seven Nature works with each customer individually to create labels that have aesthetic appeal and adhere to Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) guidelines.

Seven Nature is your go-to resource for capsule manufacturing needs. Our diversity and experience in a variety of hard gelatin capsule forms grant us the ability to produce practically any type of capsule delivery system you need. Five of our production lines are dedicated solely to vegetarian and gelatin, two-piece hard shell capsules. Our encapsulating machines offer additional flexibility to manufacture large or small batch sizes based on our customers product needs.

As a reliable contract manufacturer we work with you to provide exactly what your company needs. At Seven Nature, we go the extra mile to help you produce your supplements the way you want them – not how we think they should be. Our experienced R&D staff are at your service to offer recommendations and solutions, but the final word is ALWAYS yours!

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Seven Nature manufactures to cGMP quality standards with exceptionally fast turnover while maintaining minimal outgoing cost.

The efficient Seven Nature QUALITY process consistently delivers products that meet industry standard label claims and well exceed customers’ expectations.

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Seven Nature, an experienced supplement formulation and manufacturing company located in San Diego, CA, is a contract manufacturer and private labeler of high quality nutritional supplements including hard-shell capsules, vegetarian capsules, powders and powder mixes.

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